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Softboards Au. Keeping stoke levels high, producing superior soft surfboards with proven templates & high-quality materials.

Surfworx Four Fin Softboard
MicroGroms Comp

Moulded Core

Every Surfworx softboard starts with a high quality moulded core, made using 100% waterproof EPS. Using a mould allows our cores to have a consistent density throughout.

FCS Compatible Fin Box

As natural progression happens our FCS compatible fins boxes will enable the surfer to use any twin tab fin as their growing ability or surfing conditions change.

Double Stringer

Our entire Surfworx range incorporates at least two Multi-layered Resin Coasted Laminated Stringers providing strength & flex without sacrificing weight.

Thermal Induced Simulator

Before leaving the factory each softboard is certified tested under extreme heat conditions in preparation for our Aussie summers.

Surfworx Ribeye Foam Surfboard
Surfworx Grub Softboard

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